Running in fog toward the ocean. Click. Laughing at a party joke. Click. Driving away on a motorcycle. Click. Models on location. Click. My camera is my favorite tool. I like the way it feels. I like how it stops time.

I have dedicated my life to art. Graduating from Hunter College in New York City led me to a world of fine art, experimental art, painting, sculpting, photography… I worked for years as a prop stylist, setting up photo shoots for deep pocket advertisers, and well reviewed talent. As I settled into my new life of parenting, I found the magic of photography to be my true calling, artistically and professionally.

It is said, an artist is not paid for labor but for vision. I believe that to be true. My personal vision is filtered through my emotional honesty, which I capture with my magic camera. What could be more magical than the artistic preservation of time and place?

For events I am ninja and noisemaker and wisdom to know the difference. As a product photographer my intention is to tell the story of your brand. For special assignments I seek the poetry of the moment, believing the child watching the firework is better than the firework itself. 

I invite you to explore my website and look forward to working with you.

I currently live in Portland, Maine and travel as much as possible.

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